*MRG (Medical and Vision) Partners with Cigna Health Care.

MRG's Corporation provides a Group Health & Vision Plan to benefit full-time employees by helping cover the high cost of medical and vision bills.

A. Group Medical & Vision coverage begins the first of the month following hire date.
B. Salaried employees are given an opportunity to enroll in the Group Plan when they are hired. All enrolled employees will also be given an opportunity to change their elections, without experiencing a family status change, during the annual Open Enrollment period.
C. Detailed provisions of the plan may be found in the insurance benefit booklet. This booklet and an identification card are sent to the employees upon the return of a completed enrollment card.
D. A covered employee cannot change their coverage levels without experiencing a family status change. Should they waive coverage during Open Enrollment; the employee will not be able to enroll in the plan until the next Open Enrollment period, unless they experience a family status change.
E. In order to offset the high cost of insurance premiums, a portion of the premium is deducted pretax from the employee's paycheck every pay period.
F. When a full-time employee, who is on the Group Plan, terminates employment, coverage is continued through the last day of the month in which the termination occurred.
G. A terminated full-time employee on the Group Plan may choose to continue Medical and Vision insurance through the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). A letter explaining the rates, etc., will be sent to the terminated employee upon termination.

•Lifetime Maximum: Unlimited
•Vision Plan: You can see the Eye doctor once every year
•Organ Transplantation covered
•Co-pay on doctor visits: $30
•Laboratory Services: In Network
•PhysicianÕs Office: No charge
•Outpatient Hospital Facility: 80% after plan deductible
•Approved Cigna Lab Facility: No charge
•50,000 Pharmacies participate in CignaÕs prescription drug program:
•Generic: $10
•Brand Preferred/Non Preferred: $35/$50
•Mail Order: 2x co-pay
•Referral Free access to participating specialty physicians
•24 Hour Health Information Line: Connects you to a registered nurse 24/7
•Cigna Healthy Rewards: Special offers on health and wellness programs and services
•Behavioral Health: Offers you help with problems that affect you, your family, or your work
•Preventive care services for every covered family member
•Healthy pregnancy and healthy baby programs
•Emergency and urgent care, wherever you go, worldwide, 24 hours a day